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Steph Johnson

STEPH JOHNSON is an award-winning, multi-dimensional recording artist whose music deftly blends jazz, soul, funk, and blues. She's a captivating performer whose engaging smile is complemented by a lush and distinctive voice.

Steph's 4th album, "Music is Art," is a collaboration with Grammy Award Winning producer Kamau Kenyatta. ​​​​

Steph co-founded and is now Executive Director and Music Director of the Voices of Our City Choir. The choir is a nonprofit that provides community, case management, and entertainment and has helped find housing for 60 of its 250 members. Voices of Our City Choir feeds approximately 1,000 individuals weekly, providing meals and phone charging stations.

Steph has been recognized as one of San Diego CityBeat's People of the Year. 

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Awards & Nominations

2020 - Woman of the Year by San Diego Assembly Member Todd Gloria

2019 - 'Woman of Distinction' by 78th Assembly District

2018 - Winner of Best Jazz Album Award by San Diego Music Awards

2018 - Freedoms Foundation's Top Community Contributors with a National George Washington Medal Award

2018 - Winner of San Diego Magazine's Songwriting Competition 

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