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Janet Roston 

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Anais, A Dance Opera

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Janet Roston has spent her career creating energetic, dynamic visuals that cleverly integrate imaginative manipulations of current and vintage pop culture.

Trained as a modern dance choreographer at UCLA, she quickly shifted to the commercial world, creating dance for television, commercials, film, musical theater, and corporate shows. With talents perfected in many disciplines, she is able to lead even the largest productions forward. As a Director of all these formats, she displays a positive and professional authority which propels her creative vision forward. Janet is also a consummate collaborator; as a Choreographer she not only creates exciting dance sequences effortlessly, but she also works closely with the production team to develop concepts that enhance the promo film, television show, commercial or musical production.

From her work as the Dance Company Director and Director of musicals at Beverly Hills High School, Janet has developed her gift for recognizing raw talent and drawing strong performances from even the most inexperienced young adults. As a Director of commercials, she specializes in spots for kids and teens as well as commercials that include movement and dance. As a Theatrical Director, she is developing a reputation for innovative work by combining new music with engrossing drama and spectacular dance sequences. Janet’s bright enthusiasm, ingenuity, and creative insight have earned her many awards in the directing and choreography fields. 

Ask Janet about her biggest creative influences, and she’ll immediately respond with “early morning cartoons.” At a young age, these Saturday morning antics made an indelible impression; because they were bright, fun, and silly, they reflected her imaginative view of how entertaining any performance can be. To this day, energized pacing, current musical trends, and the latest pop crazes continue to influence her work. A few years ago, she became fascinated with Dance Dance Revolution, so she combined it with George Orwell’s 1984 to integrate the video game into an original choreography piece with a political statement. She’s now intrigued with the way the Internet allows teens to produce a larger-than-life reflection of themselves. Their My Space world is now influencing her work as she develops a series of teen comedy spots that incorporate explosive graphics with teens’ wacky “net” slang.

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