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The Team

Victoria Morris

Victoria Morris ~ President and CEO of Lexikat Artists.

As one of the Entertainment Industry’s first dance agents during the commercial dance market explosion in Los Angeles and the advent of MTV, Victoria assisted in the development and creation of a multimillion-dollar Dance Department representing young and innovative dance talent around the world for the first time in Entertainment history.  She continued on to create the first live theatre department for a Commercial Talent Agency. Subsequently, Victoria went on to augment that by opening the New York Division, which continues to represent actors for Television and Film, as well as Broadway and regional theatres.


Victoria's producing credits include: The Deaf West Production of Spring Awakening, If All The Sky Were Paper, Scary Musical, Biting Broadway, and Ballet Now. She serves on the board of directors of Broadway Dreams and is a consultant for The Miracle Project.  

Victoria believes in the power of the imagination and the creative process and continues to develop well-rounded, diverse, and lucrative stage careers for actors, directors, writers, and choreographers. Victoria teaches at several University Theatre and Music Departments throughout the country.

Jodie Grundin ~ Associate Manager

Jodie Grundin discovered her love of theatre and performance early in life, singing in choir and performing in school plays. She continued her pursuit at the University of Northern Colorado, where she earned her BA in Theatre with an Acting emphasis. During her time there she participated in many productions as an actress, as well as a director and crew member. 


Jodie has spent the last 8 years in LA acting, producing, performing sketch comedy, and enjoying the sunshine. She finds joy in coaching other actors and helping them find their way in the business. Each spring she coordinates her Alma Mater's senior showcase. Jodie has worked for Lexikat Artists in the past, and is thrilled to be back.

Jodie Grundin

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