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About Victoria's Teaching...

Victoria has been teaching regularly at UCLA, Pepperdine University and AMDA for the past decade. Her class is dedicated and directed to graduating seniors with BA and BFA’s in theatre and dance.  She understands and imparts the wisdom and a road map to serious, ambitious and talented students for the first 18 months after graduation. She has first hand information, experience and practical suggestions to unpack and discuss on what it takes to bridge the gap from Academia to a professional career in the entertainment industry. Victoria also advises on the yearly University of Northern Colorado senior class showcase in Los Angeles. Guiding students through their first presentation to the "Real World", she has a Fall Semester class as an adjunct Theatre Professor of the highly regarded 16 week Business of Acting course at esteemed Chapman University.


Victoria teaches extremely relevant and specific lessons to graduating seniors, most of which are never taught or offered at many schools. To compliment her teaching skills, her years of hard work in the business and kindness have created a vast network of industry professionals, any of whom she can call on to create connections for her students. Her classes are personal and professional and filled with information and working industry professionals who speak to the students candidly, imparting their wisdom on entering the marketplace and embarking on a career in Entertainment. Victoria connects with and inspires students to find mentors and individually prepares them for the next steps in their lives.

What others have to say... 

"Victoria Morris has been a wonderful supporter, and friend, of the theatre program at the University of Northern Colorado for over a decade. As the producer of our Los Angeles Showcase, Victoria’s work has been invaluable for our Acting and Musical Theatre graduates as they transition from higher education into the professional world. Not only has she brought in hundreds of industry professionals (agents, managers, casting directors, producers and more) to our yearly showcase, but her coaching and advice have been key to showcase actors finding just the right audition material. In addition, her twice yearly Q&A’s, rich in information on how to break into acting, have been invaluable to all our over 300 theatre majors. Victoria has continued to bolster the careers of our actors after graduation by casting them in plays she has produced, and by taking them on as clients to her select talent management company. Victoria Morris is the ultimate manager, producer and teacher, and we at UNC are so grateful—and fortunate—to work with her."   - Ken Womble, Head of Acting and Professor at University of Nothern Colorado

“Victoria is nothing short of a treasure. Her knowledge and insights about the business of acting has enriched our BFA program and served our students in countless ways. Each semester she shares her years of experience… and contacts… with our students, who have found meaningful work in the industry because of her.”  - John Benitz, Chair, Department of Theatre at Chapman University

"For the past 12 years Victoria Morris has served as an advisor and mentor to not only our theatre arts students but to the faculty as well. Victoria helped us shape our current thesis class for the senior acting majors which prepares them for the world of professional acting. She leads a master class for our students every spring on what it takes to build a career in the arts and has provided internship opportunities for many of our students over the years. As a a professional actor as well as an adjunct professor, I greatly value Victoria's style of mentoring. She is both honest and encouraging. From performing, to representing artists to producing, Victoria is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the entertainment industry and we are grateful to call her a friend of the Theatre Program at Pepperdine." - Mason McCulley, Actor, Adjunct Professor of Theatre at Pepperdine University

"Victoria Morris is one of the most effective audition and career coaches we have ever worked with. Her ability to guide students in material selection and audition preparation, combined with her current, real-world industry knowledge has greatly improved the way in which we prepare our students to launch their professional careers."  Shelly Gaza, MFA, AEA, Interim School Director, Theatre Arts and Dance, Interim Producing Artistic Director, Little Theatre of the Rockies, University of Northern Colorado

“Not only was Victoria an invaluable resource for information in the industry, but she was an incredibly kind and patient presence in the classroom. She provided candid advice and insight, and invited a plethora of working professionals to speak with us. She was a friend and mentor to all who had the desire to learn, and continues to inspire many young artists to their full potential.“  - Caleb Jenkins, Chapman University Alumni

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