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Victoria's Philosophy

Victoria Morris

Victoria enjoys teaching, and for the past decade, she has dedicated her classes to the idea that preparation and talent are the winning pairings. Her class is dedicated to graduating seniors with BA and BFA’s in theatre and dance. She understands and imparts wisdom in a road map for serious, ambitious, and talented students after graduation. She shares first-hand experiences and practical suggestions to unpack and discuss what it takes to bridge the gap from Academia to a professional career in the Entertainment industry. 

Victoria teaches extremely relevant and specific lessons to graduate seniors. To compliment her teaching skills, her years of hard work in the business have created a vast network of industry professionals whom she can call on to create connections for her students. Her classes are personal and professional and filled with information and working industry professionals who speak to the students candidly, imparting their wisdom on entering the marketplace and embarking on a career in Entertainment. Victoria connects with and inspires students to find mentors and individually prepares them for the next steps in their lives.


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