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June Carryl

JUNE CARYYL Iowa City-born playwright and actor grew up in Denver. Initially studying Political Science at Brown University to become a lawyer, she switched to English Literature after deciding against the LSAT. Encouraged by playwright Paula Vogel, she joined Vogel's playwriting class and studied with noted writers like Nilo Cruz and John C. Russell. Her early work, including her first play, faced challenges, but she earned her MA in 1992. Carryl moved to the Bay Area in 1993, acting in several notable productions and teaching workshops. She later moved to Los Angeles, adopted the professional name Lomena, and transitioned into screenwriting and film acting. Her film credits include "A Smile Like Yours" and "What Dreams May Come." She has written multiple plays and screenplays, receiving awards and continuing to develop new projects. Carryl is also a member of the Actors Studio.

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