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Tiler Peck

TILER PECK is widely recognized as one of the greatest American ballerinas of our time.  A Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet, actress, choreographer, and designer, she recently added the title of Curator when she launched and starred in Artist at The Center for City Center; prior to that, she curated the Music Center's Ballet Now.  

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Awards & Nominations

2019 - Bessie Award Nominee for Outstanding Performer

2016 - Dance Magazine Award

2014 - Forbes Magazine: "30 under 30: Hollywood and Entertainment"

2013 - Princess Grace Statue Award

2013 - Princess Grace Award Winners

2011 - Léonide Massine Positano Premia La Danza for International Emerging Artists

2006-2007 - Janice Levin Honoree 

2004 - Princess Grace Foundation: USA Dance Fellowship

2004 - Mae L. Wien Award for Outstanding Promise

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